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Why 60s Sold more than 1 million


sold ore than 1 million pieces since its first release

Revolutionary Formula

Withshyan nail polish - revolutionary formula

WITHSHYAN's Nail Lacquer contains keratin, a natural nail protein, and biotin, a B vitamin that helps to strengthen nails. This formula helps to prevent nails from splitting, peeling, and breaking, while also providing a beautiful, long-lasting colour.

Dries in 60 seconds

Dries in 60seconds

The nail polish that won't slow you down! Dries in just 60 secs, so you can get on with your day without having to wait around for your nails to dry.

Easy to apply & remove

easy application and removal

Quick-Drying and Easy-Removing Nail, you can change your nail colour whenever you want. So you can express yourself with a new nail colour every day, to match your outfit or mood.